Join The Team

Why choose Care1? The substantial variety of opportunities that we are able to offer our health care staff separates us from any other health care recruiter in the industry. 
 Our primary focus is on the provision of excellent patient care as backed by our aims and objectives which are: 
To provide a high quality and professional service which puts the service users' welfare at the heart of our work. 
To ensure that the delivery of services is efficient and up to date in line with current legislation and regulations. 
To provide a non discriminatory service that embraces diversity and upholds service users rights regardless of their sex, race or religious affiliation and any other attributes of life that might cause one to be discriminated against. 
To support service users to live independently, with dignity in the community as long as possible in line with their wishes and best interests. 
We understand that the key to provision of excellent patient care lies with the provision of well experienced and high quality staff. Hence we ensure that our staff are well catered for and effectively equipped to undertake their work to the highest standard possible. 
To ensure there is enough work for everyone, Care1 works with local authorities, private and NHS hospitals, nursing and residential care homes to help build teams and deliver health and social care services; meaning no matter what your speciality or where you want to work, we have something to suit you! 

DBS update Service 

Did you know your DBS certificate can be transferred from one organisation to another saving you time when applying for alternative health care work? 
 Do you have an application in progress with another organisation that will include working with Adults and Children, register your DBS today for more work opportunities? 
 You can register online as soon as you have your application form reference number. Just ask for the number when you apply for your DBS check. 
 Or you can wait and register with your certificate number when you receive your DBS certificate. 
 IMPORTANT: You must do this within 19 days of the certificate being issued.