Care1 Professional Services Ltd

Complex Care

A complex care at home program allows
individuals to retain as much independence
as they can while receiving support tailored
to their needs.

What is complex care?

Complicated home care is usually required by individuals with chronic illnesses, disabilities or after hospitalisation. A hospital or care home setting is typically seen as the only place to receive complex medical care. However, today, more and more families are choosing to seek this care in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes, under the care of a live-in care provider that employs qualified people in order to support a wide range of chronic medical conditions. Sometimes, long-term care is referred to as complex care.


How does a complex support plan work?

An individual's health care needs will be addressed by a complex care support plan, including the diagnosis and any treatment required. This type of plan is written in first person and centers on the individual and their wishes. It provides important information, including contact information for their next of kin and other healthcare professionals.

Support plans also provide detailed instructions and information to carers, ensuring they deliver care precisely as outlined in the initial assessment with the client. The care manager can alter the customer’s support plan at any time. Monthly reviews are mandatory. 

Among the complex conditions Care1 supports are:

Various types of complex care

What makes Care1 a good choice for complex care?

To ensure our clients are living safely and securely in their own homes, Care1 Professional Services LTD offers an array of support services for clients of all ages who require complex care. The goal of our care packages is to put each individual client at the center of everything we do, and to include family in understanding their lifestyle preferences.

We will identify the Care1 staff that is most suitable for each client’s specific needs and we will train them to a high standard so that they can deal with any needs that arise, including bowel management, catheter care, skin care, ventilation, and breathing support.

It is very important for the Care1 team to build a relationship with its clients. We will take the time to find a carer who shares the same interests and personality as the client.

Our team of fully trained and experienced staff are DBS checked and motivated to provide an exceptional level of care and support that you or your loved ones deserve.