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Medication Assistance

Medication should be taken safely

What is medication assistance?

If you or your loved one has a few medications to take each day at different times you, we at Care1 are ready to help you make sure you take your medication.

A caregiver from Care1 will help you;


Managing existing prescriptions and starting a new course of medication can seem complicated and confusing at times. Additionally, it’s crucial to take the correct doses and administer them properly. Older people and their families can experience different types of anxiety when dealing with the situation. Our goal is to make the situation less stressful for them and their families.

It is our team’s responsibility to work with GPs and pharmacists in order to ensure that the correct medication is provided, and then our full medication service allows for a number of options and choices.

Why choose a Care1 caregiver to assist with medication?

Care1 ensures that its care workers receive training in medication administration before performing these core responsibilities. Our staff is also subject to regular assessments of their competency, such as medication checks, spot checks, and frequent trainings.