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Supported Living for
Young People

We work with +16 year old adults
and vulnerable adults of all ages.

Supported living for young people

Our supported living service, we can help young people 16+ to have their own tenancy in their local communities and to live fulfilling lives. In order to prepare young people for adulthood, we provide them with person-centred support that empowers them to develop their skills and become independent. Particularly, we can provide support for young people with learning disabilities, autism, behaviour challenges, or other complex needs to live independently and as safely as possible. The benefits of supported living include improved outcomes for young people and the maintenance of their relationships with family and friends.

Supported living is beneficial to young people

Young people can live in supported living settings close to their families, friends, and local facilities, while remaining in their own communities.

Our services enhances young people’s confidence and independence, building their self-esteem. By implementing Positive Behaviour Support, we help young people overcome behaviours that challenge, leading to better quality of life.

As well as promoting an active social life, improving daily living skills, and enabling young people to access education and employment, supported living also helps them to realize a range of other goals.

We work in 1:1 and small group settings with young people in supported living in conjunction with transition support, providing them with a comprehensive set of skills to transition to adulthood and move on to lower levels of support as and when necessary.


We can source properties that are suitable for young people. Housing for people with learning disabilities is one of the things we provide through a strong network of registered providers.

Cost savings

Local authorities are also more likely to provide services locally through supported living, and the value of the service is much greater than specialist out-of-area provisions.

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