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Supported Living for Vulnerable Adults

We support people living in their own home through supported living.

Supported living for young adults

When it’s difficult for you to cope at home but you do not want to live in a residential care facility, you may need a supported living service. It involves living in a suitable place, which can be your own home, as well as receiving some personal care (such as assistance with washing and cooking).

The residents of some supported living homes tend to have a similar health issue, such as substance abuse or a particular disability. Our staff helps our clients get out of bed, access education facilities or go to work, and help them with housework, shopping, and repair tasks. We also provide personal care and administrative support.

Supported living services offered

Support and care providers

Our housing accommodation partners work closely with us to ensure that our clieants receive the best care and support. Dedicated positive behaviour support (PBS) specialists are included in our teams of staff who have extensive experience supporting people with complex needs

Who is supported living suitable for?

In the past, people thought supported living was only for the more capable and those who wished to live alone. In addition to both of these groups, people with more complex needs, as well as those who prefer to live with housemates, can benefit from supported living. Registered care and supported living both provide 24/7 support. Supported living services are available for individuals with profound, multiple, or complex learning disabilities.

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