Care1 Professional Services Ltd

Night Care

Assuring your loved one's safety during the night.

What is night care?

If you need assistance during the night, you can rely on Overnight Care. Individuals with disabilities or with dementia may find this comforting, especially if they have difficulty getting to the toilet.

Sometimes you need that extra help during the evening or it might be another family member provides elderly care for your loved one, but you need a break during the night. We have carers ready to stay with your loved one for a fixed length of time overnight making sure they are secure and well looker after.


What does night care include?

We can provide either awake, alert or sleeping carers for peace of mind for the service users, carers may be woken during the night if assistance is required.

As part of our night care services, we offer:

How does a sleep-in night carer work?

When you are in need of someone throughout the night but do not require regular assistance, this is a good option for you. Usually, sleeping night care workers can help twice during the night before the service is considered waking night care. You can get a good night’s rest knowing that a sleep in care worker is taking care of you.

How does a waking night carer work?

A waking night care worker helps those who require frequent care throughout the night and have greater needs. Whether it be medication administration, repositioning or toileting, our professionals can assist at a moment’s notice. During the time they aren’t involved in such activities, they can help with other household duties

What are the benefits of night care?