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Learning Disability

We offer people with learning disabilities
help in the comfort of their homes

What is Learning Disability

There are many types of learning disabilities, and some can be lifelong, such as intellectual disabilities that impair daily activities, social difficulties, and issues with managing money. Learning disabilities can make it more difficult for individuals to learn new skills, comprehend complex information, and form relationships with others. A learning disability can also make it difficulty with everyday activities – for example household tasks, socialising or managing money – which affects someone for their whole life.

How our carers can help?

We at Care1 have fully trained and experienced private carers who can cater for the needs of someone with a learning disability. When a loved one is transitioning to adult care services, you may be unsure about how your family can deal with their health. Carers from Care1 can provide support during this time. Young people who have a learning disability may need care in their development, their social skills, and general concerns. Care1 caregivers are able to support these needs

Care1 believes individuals with learning disabilities deserve specialist care. It is important for them to have both independence and self-direction. In learning disability support work, the primary goal is to help people with learning disabilities live a fulfilling life. We aim to improve communication and life skills, and promote independence.

In what ways can we help people with learning disabilities?

Choosing a live-in carer or support worker has many benefits.